These Are The Hottest Merch For Coldplay Tour 2022, Can You Get It On Amazon?

Coldplay World Tour 2022
Coldplay World Tour 2022( Source : zumic )

Good News for Coldplay lovers is that they can wear the hottest merch for Coldplay Tour 2022 to support their favorite band.

British rock group Coldplay was founded in London in 1996. Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, and Phil Harvey, round out the band's lineup.

Between 1996 and 1998, they started making music together after meeting at University College London. Initially, they went under the names Pectoralz and subsequently Starfish.

Coldplay's eighth concert tour is now called the Music of the Spheres World Tour. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, they announced it on October 14, 2021, supporting their ninth studio album, Music of the Spheres.

Here Are Pictures Of Coldplay Merch Tour 2022

Coldplay merch has a latest merch for their tour 2022.

Fans who make an effort can receive a coupon code for their online store. The Partners and suppliers have provided high-quality goods made of natural fibers and carefully chosen reusable components.

These goods were packaged in bags made of recycled paper, cards, or compostable material. There are different merchandising items like apparel and accessories available on the web.

  • Apparel with limited editions
  • Posters
  • Clothing (T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Joggers pants)
  • Accessories (cap, water bottle, bag, bracelet, patches, trading cards, bookmark, puzzle, socks, tote bag, mug, gift card)
  • Arts - Lithos

The Top 5 hottest new items and designs of Coldplay merch are as follows:

Coldplay Music of The Spheres World Tour 2022 T-shirt Merch


The t-shirt is both sides printed. The front side of the t-shirt is for promoting the event. However, the back side of it has got the whole schedule of the tour. 

The t-shirt is on sale and available for men, women, and youth. Earlier it was $30.99, and now the reduced price is $26.99. It is available in black color only. 

Coldplay Hoodie


Music of the spheres design printed hoodie looks breathtaking. The ink used is sustainable. The design is unisex. The pullover costs €60.00.

There is a print on the front, back, and right sleeve. The material is also excellent, with 100% organic cotton. The pullover is always nice to keep with us as it can also be used during winter and summer if the material is not that thick.

Coldplay Cap

The coldplay cap costs €33.00. The "Everyone is an alien somewhere" printed caps are available. The show is happening in the stadium, so the cap probably will look fabulous.


The cap is adjustable and unisex so that anyone can wear it. It is made up of 100% got cotton. 

Coldplay Tote Bag


What else would be more excellent than the "everyone is an alien somewhere" printed tote bag for the Coldplay tour. If you have a habit of carrying small stuff, grab this bag.

It costs €5.00. Isn't it affordable? It is printed on sustainable hemp or cotton blend drawstring bag, and the material consists of 60% Hemp and 40% cotton. The size of the bag is 16.5X13in and 41.9X33cm.

Music of the sphere Patch


If you are not so content with the merch of the Coldplay tour, there is an option to create your own design with the Music Of Sphere Patch.

It costs you €6.00 for your choice of the patch. These patches can be ironed on or sewn on garments. The patches are 100% cotton, 3.5in and 8.8cm in diameter. There are 12 types of patches. 

  • Neon Moon I
  • Calypso
  • Floris
  • Epiphane
  • Supersolis
  • Neon Moon II
  • Kaotica
  • Echo
  • Kubik
  • Infinity Station
  • Ultra
  • Coloratura

You can get an individual patch or all 12 pieces at a reduced price.

Can You Purchase Coldplay Merch Tour From Amazon?

Yes, Coldplay Merch Tour is available on Amazon. Besides, there are other online stores where the merchandise is available.


Other online stores are eBay, usstore.coldplay, eustore.coldplay, trippycorner, payayatee, wogifts, and more. They have offered discounts on certain merchandise. The items cost from range €5.00 to €85.00.

On the website of Coldplay, you can choose the merch that you find good to purchase. You can grab your item before it gets sold out. 

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