Blake Shelton Songs That Start From A To Z

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Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma, America on June 18, 1976. His love of singing country songs and playing guitar led him to pursue a career in music.

The early 2000s saw Shelton's career growth thanks to singles like Austin and Ol' Red. Famously known for his rich vocals and captivating live persona he rose to prominence in the country music industry.

In addition to his career as a musician, Shelton became famous for his work as a coach on the hit television program The Voice. His charisma and wit won over viewers which increased his attractiveness.

Here we have listed Blake Shelton songs from A to Z and collated them according to various categories.

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All Blake Shelton Songs

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Blake Shelton has a full collection of songs representing meaningful diverse tunes which is reflected in his songs as well.

He frequently tackles themes of love, heartache and the little pleasures in life in his songs. He has created a catalog that listeners connect with.

Thanks to his rich baritone voice and genuine narrative, solidified his place in the modern country music landscape.


  • A Girl
  • A Guy With a Girl
  • All About Tonight
  • All Over Me
  • Almost Alright
  • Anyone Else
  • Asphalt Cowboy
  • Austin


  • Back There Again
  • Bare Skin Rug
  • Bet You Still Think About Me
  • Blue Christmas
  • Boys Round Here
  • Bringing Back The Sunshine
  • Buzzin'


  • Came Here to Forget
  • Can't Afford To Love You
  • Can't Be Good
  • Chances
  • Cotton Pickin' Time
  • Country On The Radio
  • Country Strong


  • Delilah
  • Do You Remember
  • Doing It to Country Songs
  • Doing What She Likes
  • Don't Make Me
  • Drink On It


  • Every Goodbye
  • Every Time I Hear That Song
  • Every Time I Look At You


  • Friends (From The Angry Birds Movie)


  • Georgia In A Jug
  • Get Some
  • Go Ahead and Break My Heart
  • God Gave Me You
  • Gonna
  • Good At Startin' Fires
  • Good Country Song
  • Good Old Boy Bad Old Boyfriend
  • Good Ole Boys
  • Goodbye Time
  • Granddaddy s Gun
  • Green


  • Heavy Liftin'
  • Here I Am
  • Hey Hillbilly Bone
  • Home
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Honey Bee


  • I Can t Walk
  • I Don't Care
  • I Drink
  • I Have Been Lonely
  • I Need My Girl
  • I Thought There Was Time
  • I'll Be Home For Christmas
  • I'll Just Hold On
  • I'm Sorry
  • If I Was Your Man
  • In My Heaven
  • It Ain't Easy
  • It Ain't Easy Bein' Me


  • Jingle Bell Rock
  • Just Gettin' Started
  • Just South Of Heaven


  • Kiss My Country Ass


  • Lay Low Let It Snow!
  • Let It Snow!
  • Let It Snow!
  • Lonely Tonight
  • Love Gets in The Way


  • Mine Would Be You
  • My Eyes
  • My Neck Of The Woods


  • Neon Light
  • Never Lovin' You
  • Nobody But Me


  • Oklahoma Christmas
  • Ol' Red
  • On A Good Day
  • One Night Girl
  • Over


  • Playboys Of The Southwestern World
  • Problems At Home


  • Ready To Roll
  • Red River Blue


  • Same Old Song
  • Sangria
  • Santa's Got A Choo Choo Train
  • Savior's Shadow
  • She Can't Get That
  • She Doesn't Know She's Got It
  • She Don't Love Me
  • She Wouldn't Be Gone
  • She's Got a Way With Words
  • Silver Bells
  • Small Town Big Time
  • Some Beach
  • Someday
  • Still Got A Finger
  • Straight Outta Cold Beer
  • Sunny In Seattle
  • Sure Be Cool If You Did


  • Ten Times Crazier
  • That's What I Call Home The Baby
  • The Bartender
  • The Christmas Song
  • The Dreamer
  • The Last Country Song
  • The More I Drink
  • The Very Best
  • Time Of Year
  • There's A New Kid In Town
  • This Can't Be Good
  • This Is Gonna Take All Night
  • Time For Me
  • To Come Home


  • Underneath The Same Moon


  • What I Wouldn't Give
  • What's On My Mind
  • When Somebody Knows You That Well
  • White Christmas
  • Who Are You
  • When I'm Not Looking
  • Winter Wonderland


  • You Can't Make This Up
  • You'll Always Be Beautiful

Blake Shelton Top Songs

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Blake Shelton has produced several chart-topping tracks that have left a lasting impression on the country music sector.

Among all his breakthrough hits, God's Country celebrates the resilience of rural life and captures the essence of hard work and connection to the land. Honey Bee turned into a happy hymn of love while Boys Round Here revealed his lighter side.

These hit songs highlight Shelton's unique voice and accessible stories establishing his place as a significant and lasting presence in the country musical genre.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
God's Country332,354,920
Honey Bee167,098,671
Boys 'Round Here185,522,444
OI' Red111,859,835
I'll Name The Dogs125,023,409
God Gave Me You154,729,021
Nobody But You127,471,956
Happy Anywhere95,315,485

God's Country

Blake Shelton's 2019 track God's Country is a country rock melody that evokes the beauty and resilience of rural life.

Shelton's powerful vocals express an intense feeling of strength and pride while expressing a close bond with the earth.

The song achieves both critical and commercial success due to its powerful expressive music and sad lyrics that engage with listeners.

With the 2019 CMA Award for Single of the Year it secured its spot in the country music industry.

The song is a perfect example of Shelton's ability to convey the essence of the American heartland through music.

Honey Bee

One of Blake Shelton's characteristic songs Honey Bee is a joyful country-pop break that was published in 2011.

It's a feel-good song with lighthearted lyrics that convey dedication and affection. The song's catchy tune and Shelton's warm voice made it a commercial hit as it reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Shelton won various honors for Honey Bee.

It includes Single of the Year from the Academy of Country Music. The song stands out in Blake Shelton's discography and is a popular choice for weddings because of its romantic undertones and laid-back charm.

Boys 'Round Here

Blake Shelton's 2013 release Boys 'Round Here is a lighthearted country song that honors friendship and rural culture.

Hip-hop, rock, and country music are all mixed together in this song to bring out Shelton's diversity.

The song shot to the top of the country music charts after it became a fan favorite due to its catchy melody and light lyrics.

The positive mood and lighthearted undertones of the song led to its success, making it an essential component of Shelton's live performances.

Shelton's ability to fuse traditional country music with modern sounds is best shown by "Boys 'Round Here," which appeals to a wide range of fans in the genre.

Blake Shelton Love Songs

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The country music legend Blake Shelton has demonstrated a strong preference for love-themed songs through his music.

He has been popular for his deep baritone voice and genuine narrative he has developed a catalog of love songs that are appealing to viewers.

Hits such as God Gave Me You, Mine Would Be You and Austin demonstrate his genuine and emotional ability to convey the subtleties of romantic relationships.

Shelton's personal life includes high-profile relationships and his marriage to Gwen Stefani, frequently entwined with his music adding layers of authenticity even beyond his chart-topping success.

His love songs capture the different aspects of love from soft and emotional to lively and fun. He's continued popularity in the love ballad genre is evidence of his ability to connect.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
God Gave Me You154,729,021
Honey Bee167,098,671
Mine Would Be You92,449,781
Sure Be Cool If You Did118,801,115
I'll Name the Dogs125,023,409
Every Time I Hear That Song33,238,245
I Lived It63,103,198
Lonely Tonight52,658,911

God Gave Me You

Blake Shelton's God Gave Me You came out in 2011 and was created and produced the song before it became an instant hit.

The song's lyrics convey a sense of divine providence in finding a soulmate and express gratefulness for the transformational power of love.

The song's catchy simplicity and Shelton's heartfelt vocals made it quite popular. It received appreciation for its emotional resonance and reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The song is a moving example of the strength of love and the providence that comes with romantic relationships.

Mine Would Be You

Blake Shelton's 2013 song Mine Would Be You is a touching country song that addresses the complicated nature of love.

The song's lyrics clearly convey the huge impact of significant real life and the transformative power of romantic relationships.

The sad touch and Shelton's driven delivery form an affecting and realistic story. The song raced to the top of the charts, showcasing Shelton's talent for engaging audiences with sincere storytelling.

It is still praised for its sincerity and ability to capture the intense feelings connected to a lasting love.


The 2001 release of Blake Shelton's debut single is a timeless country song that conveys a moving tale of regret and love.

The narrative of the song centers on Austin a man who gets a lot of messages left on his answering machine by his ex-girlfriend.

The song's emotional profundity stems choice to remain by the phone providing an opportunity for reconciliation.

The song launched his legendary career and was successful because of his strong voice and the moving story.

It demonstrates a unique voice and emotional range in the country music genre in addition to establishing him as a captivating storyteller.

Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Songs

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Famous country musicians Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were married from 2011 to 2015.

Mutual respect and an appreciation of music shaped their friendship which resulted in both on and off-stage collaborations.

Even though they didn't put out many duets their individual achievements influenced the growth of country music.

With singles like Austin and God Gave Me You, Shelton rose to prominence in the country music industry and was hired as a coach for The Voice.

Both musicians flourished on their own after their divorce, Lambert explored a variety of styles and subjects in her music while Shelton was active in the country and mainstream entertainment scenes.

Their personal and creative legacies remain an important component in country music history.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
Me and Your Cigarettes5,613,498
Love Song4,999,046
Sin for a Sin4,725,635
Over You53,481,408
Family Feud1,979,537
Blue Christmas809,630
Better in the Long Run3,174,487
Bare Skin Rug526,358
Red River Blue1,562,918
Jingle Bell Rock13,848,564

Better in the Long Run

The pair’s vocals are a perfect match trading verses in the classic country chorus of Better in the Long Run from Lambert’s 2011 album Four the Record.

It was a part of Blake Shelton's album Red River Blue featuring Miranda Lambert. that portrayed the complexity of love, grief, and the enduring nature of relationships are all captured in the song which has a beautiful vocal fusion and emotionally filled lyrics.

It dives deep into the bittersweet feeling of a romantic relationship that despite obstacles ends up being better in the long run giving listeners an intimate look into the couple's relationship by showcasing their ability to convey genuine feelings through music.

Better in the long run is a tribute to Shelton and Lambert's artistic partnership and shared past even if their marriage ultimately ended.

Bare Skin Rug

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert collaborated on the country song Bare Skin Rug released in 2020, a tribute to their bond.

It shows a relationship between the ex-husband and ex-wife with a blend of classic and modern country traits.

Their personal and emotional issues are reflected in the lyrics which also reflect on personal issues.

Shelton's unusual voice and Lambert's passionate singing combine to create a moving duet.

The song earned attention for its musicality as well as for the distinctive interaction between the two performers which gave the song an extra degree of genuineness.

Red River Blue

The title track Red River Blue is Blake's 2011 sixth studio album set against a backdrop is a duet with Shelton's ex-wife Miranda Lambert.

It conveys the essence of love with the song's lyrics which represent the highs and lows of relationships and tell the story of a passionate trip down the Red River.

Shelton's distinctive baritone vocals are featured in the song while Lambert's harmonies enhance the performance creating a sad and heartfelt one.

The song's classic country sound, enhanced with modern features hit a chord with listeners and helped the album become a financial success.

With its beautifully composed tune and the chemistry between Shelton and Lambert Red River Blue portrays the essence of love's complexities within the setting of a gorgeous Southern setting.

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Songs

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani first met on The Voice's set in 2014 and they started dating in 2015.

They were engaged while working together on both personal and professional projects.

October 2020 saw the engagement of the couple. Their partnership has been a well-publicized fusion of pop and country music scenes praised for its sincere bond.

Fans are still moved by their love story and their musical partnerships harmoniously blend their two separate styles signifying a new phase in each of their personal and professional lives.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
Go Ahead and Break My Heart42,788,288
Nobody But You127,471,956
Go Ahead anYou Make It Feel Like Christmas183,153,439
Happy Anywhere95,315,485

Go Ahead and Break My Heart

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani sing a country duet titled Go Ahead and Break My Heart is 2016 song that captures the chemistry between the real-life couple.

In the lyrics both singers candidly describe their feelings that captured the ephemeral and uncertain nature of falling in love.

Shelton's country background and Stefani's pop influence are skillfully combined in this song to create a beautiful and sad duet.

Go Ahead and Break My Heart provides a glimpse into Shelton and Stefani's intimate musical connection demonstrating the genuineness of their relationship.

Nobody But You

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's sad country duet Nobody But You came out in 2019.

The song's lyrics convey appreciation for finding the ideal mate while examining topics of love and camaraderie.

The emotional song featuring Shelton and Stefani singing talks about the happiness and fulfillment that come from being with each other gaining authenticity from their real-life romance.

A crossover hit is produced by the song's fusion of Stefani's pop sensibilities and Shelton's conventional country sound reflecting the couple's strong bond and resonates as a celebration of love.

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

2017 had the release of the cheerful duet You Make It Feel Like Christmas by Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton.

The song which can be found on Stefani's eponymous holiday album blends pop and country influences with a traditional Christmas vibe.

Stefani and Shelton express their love and gratitude for one another in the lyrics which also highlight the wonder and joy of the holiday season.

The feel-good setting is enhanced by its joyful melody and lively orchestration which makes it a great addition to Christmas playlists. You Make It Feel Like Christmas uses love and community as a lens to convey the essence of the holiday season.

New Blake Shelton Songs

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The country music icon has continuously released new tracks that feature his distinctive fusion of traditional and modern country music.

Shelton's most recent albums probably won't stop tackling topics of life, love and his Oklahoman upbringing including emotional words, appealing music, and potential artistic partnerships.

Song Name:Spotify Streams:
Minimum Wage45,553,807
Happy Anywhere95,315,485
Nobody But You127,471,956
God's Country332,354,920
Hell Right71,312,681
I Lived It63,103,198
Turnin' Me On29,702,799
I'll Name the Dogs125,023,409
A Guy with a Girl121,807,905

Minimum Wage

The 2021s release song Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton is endured by many due to its romantic portrayal of a modest living in the song.

The song became popular and peaked at the top of the country music charts. Shelton's soft vocals capture the essence of a love story set against a background of everyday joys.

The song's lyrics emphasize that happiness and love may flourish no matter one's financial situation. Though comments on its thematic approach have spurred conversations about how country music portrays economic reality its nonetheless famous for its appealing melody.

Hell Right

2019 release, Hell Right is a country single by Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins. A follow-up to their previous joint effort Hillbilly Bone.

The song is well-known for its exuberance and rebellious mood. existence of life to the fullest is emphasized in the lyrics which glorify a carefree way of existence.

Adkins' rich baritone and Shelton's unique vocals combine to create a boisterous hit that appeals to both classic and modern country music lovers.

Hell Right gained popularity due to its upbeat pace and twangy guitars highlighting Shelton and Adkins' strong connection and solidifying their place in the country music industry.

I Lived It

2018's song I Lived It by Blake Shelton recalls his childhood in a tiny village as he dwells on nostalgia and the passing of time in the song.

The lyrics depict vivid moments of rural life that have an authentic feel to them. A blend of traditional and modern country music together with Shelton's genuine delivery produces an introspective and poignant ambiance.

It is an accessible narrative and Shelton's ability to encapsulate the essence of lived experiences in a changing world that became an enormous hit and reached the top of the charts.

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