Best Songs Of Celine Dion All Time

Celine Dion in a white woven corset and silver bottoms with a fancy head piece.
Celine Dion in a white woven corset and silver bottoms with a fancy head piece.( Source : instagram )

The Best songs of Celine Dion all time contain classics like My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, and more. These hits prove why she is the best.

Dion is unquestionably one of the most notable vocalists considering her unparalleled career trajectory. Her career span of over four decades has produced her greatest hits that have stood the test of time.

Some of the tracks like My Heart Will Go On, All by Myself, and more have transcended generations and it isn't going anywhere any time soon too.

We've compiled a list of the Canadian singer's best offerings released to date based on Spotify streams, celebrating her triumphant music career.

Best Songs Of Celine Dion All Time

Songs Names:Spotify Streams:
My Heart Will Go On455,614,963
Because You Loved Me342,267,590
It's All Coming Back to Me Now203,911,219
The Power of Love157,729,074
I'm Alive136,181,071
All By Myself127,632,780
Beauty and the Beast127,333,118
That's the Way It Is107,888,127
Think Twice61,746,649
Immortality ft. Bee Gees52,571,496
To Love You More43,170,626
A New Day Has Come27,314,818
Where Does My Heart Beat Now22,410,479
If You Asked Me To21,212,453
Falling Into You18,403,448

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1. My Heart Will Go On

My Heart Will Go On unquestionably is one of the best songs of Celine Dion. This song remains fresh even after 25 years of its release in November 1997.

This is the first song that pops into our mind when we think about Dion for it is considered her signature song. The iconic flying pose in the Titanic movie starts as:

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on

It has surpassed 455 million streams on Spotify and has maintained its position as her most streamed song on Spotify. This speaks volumes about the notability of the track.

With a sales record of over 18 million copies, this song became the second-best-selling physical single by a woman in music history and the best-selling physical single of all time.

This iconic Titanic track was nominated for eleven awards and bagged all the awards including Academy Awards, MTV Asia Awards, Billboard Latin Music Awards, and more.

2. Because You Loved Me

Because You Loved is the first single from Celine Dion's fourth English-language album. This Grammy-award-winning song is critically lauded by music critics.

She would go on to release several hits however, Because You Loved Me has been successful to maintain its position as the second most-streamed Dion song on Spotify.

The protagonist thanks a loyal loved one for guiding and protecting them throughout life through the lyrics which go like this:

For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love I found in you
I'll be forever thankful, baby

It was nominated for several awards which includes Grammy Awards, Academy Award, and Golden Globe Award. Among these, he racked up Grammy Awards for the category of Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Celine Dion songs list of all songs includes It's All Coming Back To Me Now. It is the second song from her fourth English-language album Falling into You.

This track is Dion's third most streamed on Spotify with over 203 million streams. Wuthering Heights was the inspiration behind this power ballad, Jim Steinman the songwriter unveiled.

Singer Meat Loaf had wanted to record the song for the longest time; however, Jim saw it as a 'woman's song' and later won a court movement to prevent Meaf Loaf from recording it.

Dion recorded the song for her album Falling Into You after the girl group Pandora's Box recorded the song. In nearly no time, her version of the song became a commercial hit, reaching the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 2.

4. The Power of Love

The best of Celine Dion love songs include her version of The Power of Love. It was originally recorded by Jennifer Rush.

The Queen of Power Ballads covered this song for her third English-language album The Colour of My Love. As expected her version made the record as the best-selling single by a female artist in the US.

Correspondingly, it made history as Dion's first United States number-one song, with four weeks remaining at the pinnacle of the music chart.'

Her version of the track has cumulated over 157 million streams on the conventional streaming platform Spotify. Correspondingly, it boasts views of over 207 million on YouTube.

Celine's version of the song bagged the ASCAP Pop Award for the category of the most performed song in the US. The MV of the song heavily rotated on several music programs and networks during that time.

5. I'm Alive

I'm Alive by Celine Dion demonstrates her sky-grazing vocals. She released this song as the 2nd single on her seventh English-language album.

The commercially successful song was featured in Stuart Little 2. Through the lyrics, Dion declares that she feels more alive and fulfilled with her life being a mother.

Promptly, the song became a global hit, headlining several charts in many countries including getting Platinum certifications in Belgium, and gold in the United States, Denmark, and France.

Undoubtedly it is a hit-worthy gem recorded by Dion that gives off the vibe of having a sound time with your loved ones.

There are two versions of the accompanying music video of the song premiered in 2002; with and without the Stuart Little 2 movie scenes.

6. All By Myself

Celine Dion version of All By Myself originally released by Eric Carmen became a hit single from her fourth English-language album, Falling Into You.

Dion's version of the song hits hard with her strong vocal range and skills which shows her passion and skills. Especially, Celine hitting that famous F5 high note literally sends goosebumps down your spine.

Not to be surprised, Celine's version of the song garnered positive reviews. She is one of the few vocalists who could possibly give justice to Eric's song, wrote Christopher Smith from TalkAboutPopMusic.

The official music video comprises snippets from Celine's photo session for her album cover of Falling into You as well as some scenes from her Live à Paris concert.

Additionally, the MV includes sepia-toned footage showing an apparently sad and lonely Celine. The video uploaded on her YouTube channel has surpassed over 60 million views.

7. Beauty and the Beast

Celine Dion's international breakthrough came following her recording of Beauty and the Beast. The track racked up both a Grammy and an Academy Award.

The song was penned by lyricist Howard Ashman for the Disney animated feature film titled Beauty and the Beast. Angela Lansbury first recorded the film's theme song and subsequently by Celine.

Although Dion was solely recruited to record the song; however, Disney hired the prominent singer Peabo Bryson, thinking that the then-newcomer wouldn't attract enough audience.

Much to Disney's surprise Dion and Byson's version earned them several nominations and awards at Academy Awards and Grammy Awards.

The Canadian singer's career took off following the release of the song. Unable to afford a big name at that time, Disney hit the lottery selecting Dion.

8. That's the Way It Is

That's the Way It Is is the lead single from Celine Dion's hit album titled All the Way A Decade of Song. It was dropped on November 1999.

The song commercially performed well, making it to the adult contemporary charts at number one in the United States and Canada as well as amongst the top 10 in other countries.

Dion advises her audience to not give up on having faith irrespective of the bad experiences. It attempts to instill positivity in an individual who is on the verge of losing hope.

The Canadian recording artist shares her thoughts in the first narrative form as she portrays herself as someone who is in a similar situation.

9. Think Twice

One of the best Celine Dion songs Think Twice is an attempt to make one realize the significance of reassessing others' emotions before making a big decision.

The track released as the third single from Dion's third English-language album The Colour of My Love became the fifth best-selling single of 1995 in the UK, recording sales of 696,000 copies.

It dominated several music charts and went number one all over Ireland, Europe, Belgium Flanders, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, and more.

Dion picks her words delicately with her sharp and keening edge to her voice which makes her songs stand out. The ballad Queen never fails to throw her outstanding vocal skills.

10. Immortality ft. Bee Gees

Celine Dion released Immortality ft. Bee Gees on her fifth English-language album Let's Talk About Love. It talks about not giving up on your dreams and goals.

Yet another song from the album Let's Talk About Love that made significant rounds on the web. The synergy of Dion and Bee Gee's powerful vocals together is like a treat to the ears.

Music critics lauded the collaboration, stating that the track has the ability to inspire and celebrate love. The commercially successful song ascended on several music charts across the globe.

The music video directed by Scott Lochmus, shows Celine walking through a graveyard and a cameo from the Bee Gees. It has accumulated over 57 million views on YouTube.

11. To Love You More

Celine Dion recorded To Love You More for the Japanese TV drama series Koibito Yo. It depicts the devotion and love between two people.

Penned by David Foster and Edgar Bronfman Jr., the track released as a single in 1995 in Japan became a hit, peaking on the Oricon singles chart at number one, selling 1.5 million copies.

The protagonist begs their significant other to come back to her life, giving promises of loving them more than any person they'll ever cross paths with in their life.

The smash hit in Japan, To Love You More maintained its position at number one for five weeks, making a record as the first international artist to peak at no.1 on the Oricon Singles Chart since Irene Cara's 'Flashdance... What a Feeling.'

12. A New Day Has Come

Celine Dion's A New Day Has Come marks her return to music following her two-year hiatus to deal with some personal issues. It was released in March 2002.

The singer went through a lot amidst the two years including her husband getting diagnosed with esophageal cancer and Dion undergoing surgery and IVF to aid conception after years of struggling with infertility.

Having said that, there is always a silver lining amidst adversity, Celine welcomed her first child whom she calls her miracle baby. Hence, her son René-Charles Angélil is the inspiration behind this song.

This song attempts to instill hope and faith in the lives of the people who went or have been going through tough times in life.

The chart-topping song bagged ASCAP Pop Award and BMI Pop Award for the category of the most performed song. Likewise, it bagged SOCAN awards in three categories International Achievement, Classic Songs, and Pop Music.

13. Where Does My Heart Beat Now

Where Does My Heart Beat Now by Celine Dion reflects on the loss one goes through following losing the love of their life. The song was released in 1990. 

Issued via Columbia Records on her debut English-language and ninth studio album Unison, Where Does My Heart Beat Now made the record as the most successful single from the album.

Lauded with positive reviews and acclaim, the single bagged the ASCAP Pop Award for the category of the most-performed ASCAP song reportedly during the 1991 survey year between October 1, 1990 and September 30, 1991.

Her performance of the song at the Juno Awards of 1991 made it to the nomination list of the Gemini Awards in category of the Best Performance in a Variety Program or Series.

14. If You Asked Me To

Celine Dion released If You Asked Me To as the second single on her self-titled studio album in 1992. It was originally recorded by singer Patti LaBelle.

Three years following the original release, Dion covered the song and in nearly no time topped the Canadian charts and ascended to number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Produced by Guy Roche, the track amassed positive reviews from music critics. Stephen Thomas, a senior editor of AllMusic, stated it as a standout song of the album alongside Love Can Move Mountains and Beauty and the Beast.

This United States and Canada hit single peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number four. In fact, it even performed better on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, spending three weeks at number one.

15. Falling Into You

Celine Dion version of Falling Into You was originally recorded by Marie-Claire D'Ubaldo The single recorded sales of 200,000 copies in the United Kingdom.

The Canadian singer recorded the track for her fourth English-language album Falling into You, which became a part of All the Way... A Decade of Song in 1999.

The accompanying music video for the song starts with Dion in a small village who plays a character of a woman belonging to a group of circus artists. She then gets flowers from a little boy on the door of her carriage.

The remastered version of the music video was dropped in March 2021, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album's release.

Some FAQs

Who Is Celine Dion Married To Now?

Celine was married to Rene Angelil from 1994 to 2016, when he passed. She hasn't married or dated anyone since.

How Many Siblings Does Celine Dion Have?

Celine was born the youngest of 14 children. So, she had 13 siblings, all older than her.

How Wealthy Is Celine Dion?

Celine has a net worth of $800 million. In fact, according to Forbes, she earned $37.5 million in 2019 alone.

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