20 Bands With War In The Name

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A name means a lot when it comes to bands or groups as it helps them to stand out. So it is important to choose an eye-catching name representing their music.

Often it is seen that several bands have named their bands with War for numerous reasons. Some of which can be for aesthetic appeal, familiarity, artistic expression, and more.

War in the name was particularly famous among the bands between the 1950s and 1990s. This naming mostly created a distinct identity of the band conveying a particular image to their target audience.

However, at the end of the day, it is always a creative choice made by the music artists. Here in this article, we have assembled a list of 20 Bands With War In The Name.

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1. War

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War also known as, Eric Burdon and War is an American funk/rock/soul band. The band fuses the elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues and reggae.

The band members are well known for their several hit songs including Spill the Wine, The World Is a Ghetto, The Cisco Kid, Why Can't We Be Friends?, Low Rider, and Summer.

Formed in 1969 among the Bands With War In Name, it was subject to many line-up changes over the course of its existence. Leroy Lonnie Jordan is the only original member in the current line-up.

2. The War on Drugs

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Formed in 2005, The War on Drugs is an American rock band. Its band members include:

  • Adam Granduciel
  • David Hartley
  • Robbie Bennett
  • Charlie Hall
  • Jon Natchez
  • Anthony LaMarca
  • Eliza Hardy Jones

In 2017, Signing to Atlantic Records, this six-piece band released their fourth album, A Deeper Understanding which won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album.

Most recently, in 2021, the band released their fifth album I Don't Live Here Anymore.

3. Wage War

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Originated in Ocala, Florida Wage War is an American metalcore band. It was formed in 2010 under the name Empires.

Since its formation, the band has been active to date. Altogether they have released four studio albums and one EP. In 2021, their fourth studio album, Manic was released.

Currently, it is comprised of:

  • Briton Bond
  • Seth Blake
  • Cody Quistad
  • Chris Gaylord
  • Stephen Kluesener

4. Cold War Kids

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Cold War Kids is an American indie rock band formed in 2004. The current band members are:

  • Nathan Willett
  • Matt Maust
  • David Quon
  • Matthew Schwartz
  • Joe Plummer

The releases of 2008's Loyalty to Loyalty and 2011's Mine is Yours saw the band develop different musical sounds and lyrical content throughout to mixed reviews.

On November 1, 2019, the band released their seventh studio album New Age Norms 1.

5. Vigil of War

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Vigil of War is a rock & roll, female-fronted 4 piece from Los Angeles. It was formed in 2017 with an edgy sound and a look to match.

There is War In Name of Band which was created by Alicia Vigil. Often the band's name is abbreviated as VOW. Its present lineup consists of:

  • Alicia Vigil
  • Shane Taylor
  • Kiki Wong
  • Kyle Brian

6. War of Ages

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Sometimes abbreviated as WoA, War of Ages is an American Christian metal band. It was formed in 2002 and was previously known as Point Zero.

The group is comprised of vocalist Leroy Hamp, lead guitarist Steve Brown, rhythm guitarist Jack Daniels, and bassist Elisha Mullins.

Currently, they are signed to Facedown Records and have released 10 studio albums. Recently on September 15, 2023, they released their studio album, Dominion.

7. War Horse Band

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WarHorse is a doom metal band formed in 1996. They released their debut album, As Heaven Turns to Ash on Southern Lord Records in 2001.

In 2005, the group was officially disbanded after releasing the single I Am Dying but again reemerged in 2019.

Then the band was offered a spot at Psycho Las Vegas which led to a handful of additional shows.

Along with War Band Name, its present members are:

  • Jerry Orne
  • Mike Hubbard
  • Terry Savastano

8. War Tapes

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War Tapes is an American rock band. It was formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2004.

The band is composed of brother and sister Neil and Becca Popkin, Matthew Bennett, and William Mohler. They have played shows and toured across the US and in the UK.

Primarily, the group defined their sound as Heart-Quaking Doom Pop and released their first album, The Continental Divide in May 2009.

9. War on Women

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Formed in 2010, War On Women is a hardcore punk band. The group present lineup is comprised of:

  • Shawna Potter
  • Brooks Harlan
  • Jennifer Vito
  • Suzanne Werner
  • Dave Cavalier

Among Bands About War, this one is based on political feminist themes. Their music includes the concept of body autonomy, and misogyny.

Recently, the band returned to the UK and Europe for a month-long tour in the summer of 2022.

10. Warlock

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Warlock was a German heavy metal band founded in 1982 by members of the underground bands; Snakebite and Beast. It was active till 1989.

In the mid-1980s the band gained popularity and some commercial success in Europe. They even supported other heavy metal bands on tour including W.A.S.P, Judas Priest, Dio, and Megadeth.

Doro Pesch was the only original member who remained in the band by the end of the decade.

Since 2003, the band has reunited for festival appearances and special occasions under the name Warlock 1986.

11. All Out War

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Formed in 1991, All Out War is an American metalcore band. Starting in 1997, they have released 8 full-length albums.

In 2004, the band announced that they had officially broken up due to the inability of vocalist Mike Score to continue with the band.

Later in 2006, they reunited releasing their fourth album Assassins in the House of God(2007). With War Band Title it is currently comprised of;

  • Mike Score
  • Erik Carrillo
  • Taras Apuzzo
  • Andy Pietroloungo
  • Jesse Sutherland

Most recently in early February 2023, they released a more black metal-influenced album, Celestial Rot on Translation Loss.

12. War Babies

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Originated in Seattle, Washington in 1988, War Babies was an American rock band. The band was fronted by former TKO vocalist Brad Sinsel.

Overall the band's sound incorporated some elements of grunge music although associated with hard rock.

As the group was only active till 1993, they only released one album in 1992, the self-titled War Babies.

13. War Hungry

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War Hungry is an American groove metal/crossover band from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Since its formation in 2004, the band is currently active with the following members:

  • Alex Russin
  • Arthur Rizk
  • Brad Raub
  • Matt Hoodrack

14. At War

At War is a thrash metal band that originated from Virginia. It consists of Paul Arnold (Bass guitar/Vocals), Shawn Helsel (Guitar), and Dave Stone (Drums).

The band was formed in 1983 and stayed active after 1988 and played their last show around 1994.

During the late '90s and early '00s, there were several attempts to revive the band.

Finally, in 2006, they reassembled with the original lineup.

15. Warpaint

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Warpaint was formed in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day 2004. It is an American indie rock band.

The current members of the band are:

  • Emily Kokal
  • Theresa Wayman
  • Jenny Lee Lindberg
  • Stella Mozgawa

Altogether the band has released 4 studio albums to date namely, The Fool (2010), Warpaint (2014), Heads Up (2016), and Radiate Like This (2022).

16. War Master

Warmaster formed in 2004 was influenced by old-school death metal bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Master.

As Band Name Is War, its lyrical content also deals with World War II.

The band members already knew each other from their previous and present bands like Asphyx, Gorefest, Thanatos, and Houwitser.

To date, it is active with the following members:

  • Corne Bijlemeer
  • Rik van Gageldonk
  • Marcel Oerlemans
  • Alex Schluter
  • Andre van Ree (Eternal Solstice)

17. Dub War

Formed in 1993, Dub War is a four-piece metal band from Newport, Wales. Their musical style is a mix of metal, punk, and reggae.

Recently On March 2, 2022, the band announced that they would be releasing the new album Westgate Under Fire- their first album of all new material in 26 years.

This also marks a reunion with their original record label, Earache Records.

At present the band is active with the following members:

  • Benji Webbe
  • Jeff Rose
  • Richie Glover
  • Mikee Gregory

18. Weird War

Briefly known as Scene Creamers, Weird War is an indie rock band. Its current lineup consists of Ian Svenonius, Michelle Mae, Alex Minoff, and Sebastian Thomson.

Initially, the band was formed as an umbrella organization in 2001 to encompass disparate anti-authoritarian groups and to challenge the idiocy of the new epoch.

The band name Scene Creamers was reverted to the name Weird War after being threatened with a legal suit.

Since then, its membership has become static, with the addition of Argentine Sebastian Thomas on drums and its intent has become more cosmic.

19.War AKA Total War

War also known as Total War is a black metal band formed in 1995 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden. The band remained active till 1999.

All [Jim Berger] (vocals), Blackmoon [David Parland] (guitar), Mikael Hedlund (bass, 1997), Peter Tägtgren (drums, 1997), It [Tony Särkkä] (guitar, 1997), Lars Szöke (drums, 1997-99), Impious [David Larsson] (guitar, vocals, 1998-99) were the band members.

20. War for War

 War for War is a black metal band formed in Plzen, Czechia.

The band members include Lord Morbivod (all instruments, vocals) and other artists include Quercus, Stíny Plamenů, Trollech, Mramor, and Umbrtka.

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