15 Bands With Trees In The Name

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Bands With Trees In The Name are 1. Neon Trees 2. Screaming Trees 3. Trees and others. The word 'tree' in the name signifies growth and evolution.

Using a tree in the name has various symbolic meanings. Trees are often known for their growth, strength, beauty, stability, and so on.

Bands might use trees in their name as an indication of growth in their music and artistic world. It conveys a sense of steadfastness and endurance in the music.

Metaphorically, the band might also use it as a theme of beauty and emotions. With the strong and meaningful band name, they have cemented their legacy in various genres of music.

Below we have collected the list of bands with a tree in the name:

Bands With Trees In The Name

Name of BandsActive Years
Neon Trees2005–present
Screaming Trees1984–2000
Trees1969-1972, 2008
Giants in the Trees2017–2020
Between the Trees2005–2010
And Also the Trees1979–present
Bears in Trees2014–present
Lost in the Trees2007–14
If These Trees Could Talk2005–present
Porcupine Tree1987–2010, 2010–2021, 2021–present
Tree631996–2009, 2014–present
Fever Tree1966–1970, 1978
By the Tree1997–2007
Plastic Tree1993–present
Trees of Eternity2013–2016

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1. Neon Trees

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Neon Trees is a rock band with trees in the name whose music style is described as a blend of new wave, dance, and indie into a catchy pop.

Currently, there are four members in the team that fall under the list of bands from each state are mentioned below:

  • Tyler Glenn - lead vocals, keyboards
  • Chris Allen - lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Branden Campbell - bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Elaine Bradley - drums, backing vocals

The group title was chosen by its lead vocalist which is inspired by lighted trees on the In-N-Out Burger signs.

On a strange note, it was later known that Camphell's father installed the same Neon Trees in the same place that inspired Glenn.

2. Screaming Trees

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Screaming Trees is a prominent rock band of the 80s with trees in their title. They are noted as a pioneer of the grunge music style.

Formed in 1984, they are a great band that is no longer together. It emerged by six members, listed below:

  • Mark Lanegan - lead vocals
  • Mark Pickerel - drums, percussion
  • Barrett Martin - backing vocals, drums
  • Josh Homme - rhythm guitar
  • Van Conner - bass, backing vocals
  • Gary Lee Conner - guitar, backing vocals

The group drew its name from the 70s vintage one drive and boost guitar pedal named 'Screaming Tree'.

3. Trees

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Trees was a folk rock band with the word tree in their name. They are widely known for recording rock and folk music.

The title of the group might be inspired by a mystical theme related to trees that go with every season from bright and colorful summer and spring to stark and somber in fall and wither.

Under this moniker, they have released their debut multi-million-selling album "St. Elsewhere". The band's original lineup includes:

  • Bias Boshell- bass, keyboards
  • Barry Clarke - lead guitar
  • David Costa- acoustic guitar
  • Unwind Brown - drums
  • Celia Humphris - lead singer

4. Giants in the Trees

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Giants in the Trees is a rock band with having tree in its name. It was established by the former bassist of Nirvana Krist Novoselic.

The group emerged with four musicians which are listed below with their duties:

  • Krist Novoselic - bass
  • Jillian Raye - vocals, bass, banjo
  • Erik Friend - percussion
  • Ray Prestegard - guitar

The title of the group is apt for a Pacific Northwest band that also includes Noveselic. And also, the term 'giant' is suitable for his personality as he is arboreal tall i.e., 6'7".

Moreover, his presence and contribution to the music industry are also huge, which is one of the reasons behind the band's name.

5. Between the Trees

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Between the Trees is one of the few rock bands with a tree in the title. They are popular for their pop punk and indie rock sounds.

According to the group's lead singer, the main idea behind its moniker is the beginning and end where one tree represents existence while the other one means the end of everything.

The team was formed in the mid-2000s with its core members, they are:

  • Rayn Kirkland - vocals, guitar
  • Brad Kriebel - lead guitar
  • Josh Bulter - drums
  • Jeremy Bulter - bass

6. And Also the Trees

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And Also the Trees is the 80s rock band recognized for its poetic lyrics and evocative music, influenced by the native English countryside.

Hailing from Inkberrow, Worcestershire, the group originated with its core members featuring two sets of brothers are listed as follows:

  • Simon Huw Jones - vocals
  • Justin Jones - guitar
  • Graham Havas - bass
  • Nick Havas - drums

They picked their name from their debut album "And Also the Trees (1984)" which includes gothic rock kind of music and is also associated with poetry lyrics.

7. Bears in Trees

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Bears in Trees is an indie pop band with a tree in their name. Their sound is mostly influenced by emo pop, folk punk, and indie rock genres.

The title of the group was developed from a generator's suggestion "Bears In Submarines" but was changed into "Bears in Trees" due to its long moniker.

With this name, the four-piece band originated in 2014 and its lineup consists of:

  • George Berry - drums, percussion
  • Iain Gillespie - vocals, bass
  • Callum Litchfield - vocals, piano
  • Nick Peters - guitar

8. Lost in the Trees

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Lost in the Trees was an orchestral folk-pop band popular for their 'mountaintop chamber music'. They are one of the 20 Best New Bands of 2010.

An orchestral group consists of of following members in its band:

  • Ari Picker - lead vocals
  • Emma Nadeau - french horn, vocals
  • Jenavieve Varga - voilin
  • Mark Daumen - tuba
  • Drew Anagnost - cello

The main reason behind the group's name has not been clearly documented, however, it might denote the sense of mystery or adventure in the artistic world.

9. If These Trees Could Talk

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If These Trees Could Talk is an instrumental post-rock group, having a tree in its name. To date, they have released three studio albums and one EP.

Composed of five members, the group was formed in 2005. The members and their duties are stated below:

  • Tom Fihe - bass
  • Jeff Kalal - guitar
  • Cody Kelly - guitar
  • Mike Socrates - guitar
  • Zack Kelly - drums

The tag for the band was derived from a phrase that Zack and Cody's grandfather used to say. When they were discussing the name for the team the 'If These Trees Could Talk' was in the mix and they picked it as a band's title.

10. Porcupine Tree

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A Group name that has a tree list includes Porcupine Tree, a prominent rock band who are successful and widely acclaimed.

The influential band is known for its electronic music which is characterized as melancholic. At present, the group is run by three members listed below:

  • Steven Wilson - vocals, guitar, banjo, sampler
  • Richard Barbieri - synthesizers, keyboards, piano
  • Gavin Harrison - drums, percussion

The band's founding member Wilson stated that he chose the group name "Porcupine Tree" because, in his youth, he felt like a porcupine because he wanted to do what he desired in music, and not what others desired.

11. Tree63

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Tree63 is the 90s band tree mentioned in its name. They are a contemporary Christian music band hailing from South Africa.

The current lineup of the group includes three members they are:

  • John Ellis - vocals, guitar, piano
  • Darryl Swart - drums
  • Daniel Ornellas - Bass

The music ensembles originated in the mid-90s with the 'Tree' moniker. Later they changed their title to "Tree63" as there was already a band with the same name.

Also, the '63' part was added to their name which is the title of their second album that came from Psalm 63.

12. Fever Tree

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Fever Tree is a psychedelic rock band with a tree in the name. They are widely noted for their anthemic hit "San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)".

Before the group emerged as 'The Bostwick Vines' in 1996 but later converted their name to Fever Tree. The label of the band possibly derived from an African tree is known to be fast-grown but short-lived.

The team is occupied with some talented members which are stated as follows:

  • Dennis Keller - vocals
  • Michael Stephen Knust - guitar
  • Rob Landes - synthesizer, piano
  • E.E. "Bud" Wolfe - bass
  • John Tuttle - drums
  • Don Lampton - guitar, keyboards

13. By the Tree

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By the Tree is a Christian rock group with the tree included in its name. They are the 90s band who were active for ten years.

Most Christian band has a spiritual meaning in their name, however, the main idea behind the band's name has not been stated properly. The trees in the Bible have a significant meaning which indicates growth and faith.

Under this moniker, the group was formed in 1997 and is recognized for their number-one hit single "Beautiful One" and their Dove Award-winning album "Invade My Soul"

Its current lineup consists of:

  • Chuck Dennie - vocals
  • Aaron Blanton - drums
  • Ben Davis - bass

14. Plastic Tree

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Plastic Tree is a Japanese rock band with the tree stated in its name. They incorporate Alternative rock with art rock, electronic, and heavy metal sounds.

In an interview, the group stated that they had combined something artificial and natural in the name, and that's when they formed 'Plastic Tree' as its branding.

The band is composed of talented musicians that include:

  • Ryutaro Arimura - vocals, backup guitar
  • Akira Nakayama - lead guitar
  • Tadashi Hasegawa - bass guitar
  • Kenken Sato - drums

15. Trees of Eternity

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Trees of Eternity is a Swedish band formed in 2013, having a tree in its title. They are known for their down-tempo sound.

With five members in the group, the band has cemented its name in the history of music through its energetic performances. The members are:

  • Juha Raivio - guitarist
  • Kai Hahto - drums
  • Fredrik Normann - guitar
  • Mattias Normann - bass
  • Aleah Stanbridge - vocals

The reason for choosing the name has not been mentioned, but Trees of Eternity might indicate a connection with nature with the theme of eternity, life, and death.

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