Who Are The Backup Singers On The Voice?

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Who Are The Backup Singers On The Voice? The Backup singers on The Voice are Kara Britz, Stevie Mackey, Denise Janae & more

The Voice is one of the most popular talent shows in the history of American TV shows.

It is a reality competition television series that has aired for 23 seasons and aims at finding unsigned singing talent, whether solo, duet, professional, or amateur.

One gets crowned as the winner of that season of The Voice after a series of competitions and analyses. Although the show puts its main focus on the contestants, their performances get some help from the show's backup singer.

As much as viewers think the show relies just on the contestant, the show uses as many people as necessary including backup singers making sure the performances are up to standards.

Backup singers play a major part as their presence makes the artists seem they are performing at their own concerts instead of on live TV. They are always on the stage behind the singer, sometimes in the dark.

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Backup Singers on The Voice

Backup Singers on The Voice are Taylor Mills, Andrea Thomas, Jessica Stokes & more. Some of the backup singers with their current status are:

Backup SingersStatus
Taylor MillsN/A
Andrea ThomasBack up singer for Carrie Underwood
Jessica StokesN/A
Kara BritzSeason 2 - Present
Stevie MackeyWorked for Over 10 seasons
Denise JanaeN/A
Gwen SebastianAs of 2019, She is Still part of Lambert's band

Kara Britz

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While growing up, Kara played music for the high school bands along with her brother. She had moved to Los Angeles to attend Vocal Programs.

Kara landed a spot in Lindsay Lohan's band after a fateful audition and her career as backup singer began.

As a singer for Cher and on a tour with the legendary Joe Cocker, she was asked to join Paul's NBC hit show The Voice.

Since, Season 2 to date she has been found as a backing-up contestant as a member of NBC's The Voice official band and touring the country with artists like Blake Shelton.

Stevie Mackey

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Stevie is an American singer, vocal coach, and vocal producer. His real name is Stephen D. Mackey II.

Mackey began his career as a backing vocalist, performing with Lalah Hathaway, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson.

Best known for vocal coachwork on the show he served for over 10 seasons and In 2019, he travelled the world coaching Jennifer Lopez for her It's My Party tour.

In 2020, in addition to his work as a vocal coach, he released his debut album The Most Wonderful Time.

Gwen Sebastian

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Gwen Sebastian is an American country music singer-songwriter. Her real name is Gwen Noel Sebastian.

She began her career in 2009 and was signed to Lofton Creek Records and released two singles for the label.

In 2012, Gwen was a contestant on the second season of The Voice. She had chosen Blake Shelton as the vocal coach and for the battle round, she also worked with Miranda Lambert.

Unfortunately, she got eliminated before the live shows. Most recently, she is still part of Lambert's band as of 2019 and providing backing vocals on 2014's platinum and 2016's The Weight of These Wings.

The Voice Band Members

The Voice Band Members are Paul, Sasha, Nate, Justin and Eric. Paul has been the band leader for the show.

Paul Mirkovich

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Paul is an American musician from Los Angeles. He also serves as a record producer.

For the last 16 years, keyboardist, and duet singing partner for Cher. Currently, he serves as musical director of The Voice.

He has arranged over 2,000 songs and over 1,000 iTunes recordings for the Show.

Sasha Krivtsov

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Sasha is best known as the bass player for the house band on the TV reality shows.

Previously, he was a band member of the Soviet Union, Zemlyane with whom he frequently performed before crowds of more than 10,000 fans and sold 20 million records.

Currently, he serves as a bass player of The Voice and has held that position since the show's first season.

Nate Morton

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Nate is an American drummer. He completed a national tour as a drummer with the American Idol Band in 2004.

He was the drummer for platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated, singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton before the tour.

Currently, he serves as the drummer for the house band on the show.

Justin Derrico

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Paul is the one who got Justin on the NBC show. For nearly, a decade he has been part of the P!nk Band.

The artist grew up in Virginia and started playing guitars after hearing some of the classic rock gods. Justin has joined the pop star on many of her world tours and have become close friends.

Currently, he still tours with Pink and is a guitarist of the backing band on the show.

Eric Daniels

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Eric Daniels serves as keyboardist for The Voice.

The Voice Band Backup Singers

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The Voice Band Backup Singers are the same as the backup singers of the show who are appointed to assist the lead singers.

All the performers of the show have been backed by a powerhouse band of world-class musicians.

The band backup singer's primary role is to enhance the overall sound of a song by adding depth and contrast to the lead vocals. 

These singers may also sing ad-libs, counter-melodies, or even take over lead vocals in some parts of a song. Backup singing is harder than singing as a solo artist as they need to pay close attention and have to blend their voice with the lead singer.

They are practically invisible but remains more important to the main singer for the show.

How Much Do Backup Singers Make?

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Backup Singers make approximately $44,300 on average. Although it is not applicable in the case of every one.

The salary range for backup singers runs from around $18,000 all the way up to $101,000 per year with the high-end reserved for the biggest artist.

An integral part of many modern performers' stage shows is the backup singers. If the singers are highlighted, there's is plenty of money to be made as a backup singer.

Earnings of the singer are made on a project-by-project basis. So, the income varies from month to month, year to year, and the payment you received last month is not necessarily the same as the next month.

Singers usually get paid per gig, where a gig can last anywhere from 2 hours to 5 hours on average.

In general, Background singing pay averages around $20 an hour for a low side while singing for a celebrity would be closer to $200-$400 per hour.

Background Singers on The Voice

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Background Singers on The Voice provide backing vocals for the front-and-center artist, either in a recording session or live performance.

This backing vocalist provides background harmonies and vocals that complement the melody lines performed by a lead singer.

These support a lead singer and are also known as backup singers or backing vocalists.

Backup singers such as Kara, Stevie & others play an integral part as background singers in the show.

These background singers should be able to harmonize with other singers as well as stay on key with the lead singer and match their energy.

This makes the lead singer or group look good maintaining the standards of the show.

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