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The Best Of George Michael Songs

By Aditi Rai | June 6, 2023

The best of George Michael songs are Careless Whisper, Faith, Freedom 90, Father Figure, I Knew You Were Waiting For Me, Don't Let the Sun Go Down On, and more. George boasted a triumphant career of over three decades, releasing some masterpiece pop...

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When Does Osheaga Lineup Come Out 2023?

By Aditi Rai | June 5, 2023

When Does Osheaga Lineup Come Out 2023? The highly awaited annual festival was announced on March 10. It will take place from August 4 to 6, 2023. A huge celebration dedicated to music and visual arts, the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival takes place...


 Best Songs Of Celine Dion All Time

By Aditi Rai | June 3, 2023

The Best songs of Celine Dion all time contain classics like My Heart Will Go On, Because You Loved Me, and more. These hits prove why she is the best. Dion is unquestionably one of the most notable vocalists considering her unparalleled career...


Kpop Songs That Start With I

By Aditi Rai | June 1, 2023

Kpop songs that start with I are Icecream by BLACKPINK, Idol by BTS, I Can't Stop Me by Twice, and more. These songs have globally dominated several charts. These days Korean pop has surged in its notability in nearly no time with aestheti...


Female Singers From The 50s Still Alive

By Aditi Rai | May 31, 2023

Female singers from the 50s still alive are 1. Connie Francis 2. Mindy Carson 3. Diana Ross, and more. They boast a successful career span of over six decades. The 1950s was an era fueled by rock 'n' roll which promptly rose to the mainstream a...

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15 Best R&B Songs Of The 90s

By Aditi Rai | May 29, 2023

Best R&B songs of the 90s contain tracks like 1. Real Love by Mary J. Blige 2. Creep by TLC 3. Return Of The Mack by Mark Morrison and more. The 90s were a path-breaking era in the music industry, given its diverse genres. It was undoubtedly the...

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10 Rock Bands That Start With The Letter X

By Aditi Rai | May 28, 2023

Rock bands that start with the letter X are 1. XTC 2. X Ambassadors 3. XIT and more. The list comprises ten such bands. Since choosing the right name for the band has a long-term effect, the process is prioritized as one of the vital ones in a ...


Famous Songs From The Movie Ghost

By Aditi Rai | May 26, 2023

Songs from the movie Ghost are listed as Ditto, Ghost, Unchained Memory, Fire Escape, and more. Most of the soundtrack was composed by Maurice Jarre. The unanticipated box office hit movie of 1990, Ghost is a notable supernatural romantic drama-thri...

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Best 10 Songs With The Word World In The Title

By Aditi Rai | May 25, 2023

Songs with the word world in the title can mean Not The End of the World by Katy Perry, Around the World by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and many more. Many singers and songwriters metaphorically express their feelings and emotions. Likewise, World is al...


Rock Bands That Start With The Letter U

By Aditi Rai | May 24, 2023

Rock bands that start with the letter U contain bands like 1. U2 2. Ugly Casanova 3. Utopia and more. Many bands use this rare letter. Choosing the right name for the band might seem like the least important of the entire enterprise. However, it is ...