Aphex Twin Wife Anastasia Rybina Is A Musician

Anastasia Rybina is a musician and audio-visual artist.
Anastasia Rybina is a musician and audio-visual artist.( Source : facebook )

Aphex Twin wife Anastasia Rybina is a Musician, AV artist, and Technician at School of Art. Anastasia serves as a language and voice coach at Mimicry School.

Speaking of her husband, Aphex was born Richard David James. The Irish-born British musician is broadly appraised for his unique idiosyncratic work.

He also serves as a DJ. Aphex started DJing at free clubs and parties in Cornwall in the late 1980s. The release of his debut EP, Analogue Bubblebath in 1991.

In 1991, Twin co-founded Rephlex Records, a record label, alongside Grant Wilson-Claridge.

He then released his debut, and most beloved, album Selected Ambient Works 85-92 in 1992, a year after co-founding the record label. The album earned him significant notability in the industry.

To this day, he is seen as one of the leading voices in Electronic music.

Anastasia Rybina Is A Multi-Talented Artist

Aphex Twin wife Anastasia Rybina is an audiovisual artist and technician at Falmouth University. The musician is originally from Moscow, Russia.

Her works are found on Spotify. Anastasia is also a performer.

In a 2021 Reddit discussion, a user penned that he didn't like her music at first glance; however, with time Rybina's music grew in him.

Anastasia also functioned as a producer at Bang Bang Studio Illustration Agency from December 31, 2010, until December 31, 2011.

She also addressed herself as an audio-visual artist via her Instagram biography. Rybina has been functioning as a technician at Falmouth University from May 10, 2022, until January 2023.

Anastasia addresses herself as a language and voice coah at Mimicry School.
Anastasia addresses herself as a language and voice coah at Mimicry School.( Source : instagram )

Anastasia is also a language and voice coach at mimicry school. She provides training on improving British English pronunciation including accents and dialects.

She officially announced the opening of the Mimicry school book club. Likewise, she also declared the exclusive news about her world tour that she had been secretly plotting for some time.

Rybina unveiled that her world tour should most probably start in 2024. She will be teaching British pronunciation the whole time.

While teaching her students, the voice coach adds a dash of modern-day slang with the General British dialect. She is indeed a multi-talented artist boasting various skills.

Her Education Background

Rybina James studied at Falmouth University from 2014 until 2018. She studied sound and performance during her time at the University.

Rybina holds a BA Hons in Project Management.
Rybina holds a BA Hons in Project Management.( Source : facebook )

Anastasia attended the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

The musician earned an undergraduate degree BA Hons in Project Management at the University in 2010.

Anastasia Is The Second Spouse of Aphex Twin

Aphex married twice in his life and Anastasia is his second partner. The British musician has kept information about his first wife to himself.

Besides acknowledgment of having a former wife, Aphex hasn't unearthed any significant details to this day.

That said, Aphex is found to state a string of white lies throughout his career. His claims of winning a music competition at 11 were discovered to be a life after some fans dug the information.

Hereafter, the disclosure made by Aphex about his love life also comes under suspicion concerning its genuineness.

Aphex and Anastasia live together in Scotland, according to Farout Magazine.

Aphex was married to his first wife before tying the knot with Rybina
Aphex was married to his first wife before tying the knot with Rybina ( Source : instagram )

Speaking of Aphex and Rybina's married life and wedding details, the couple has opted to maintain lowkey life. There isn't a single photo of the couple on their respective social platforms too.

The Couple Has Two Kids

Aphex and his former wife share two children, both sons. The children are in their teens already.

Anastasia and his two boys lived in Scotland as of 2014. Whereas detailed information about their whereabouts as of January 2023 remains behind the curtain.

In an interview with Noyzelab in November 2014, Aphex unveiled the exclusive information that his 6-year-old son produced music when he was just 5, which was available on SoundCloud.

Aphex also went on to add that his then 8-year-old elder son is into computers from an early age. The boys sure did follow in the footsteps of their father.

A 43-second music snippet created by his elder son is available on YouTube. You can listen to the music created in the video below.

Aphex's younger son must be either 15 or 16 and his eldest son should be either 17 or 18 as of January 2023, according to their age in 2014.

The exclusive disclosure hit the headlines with various sources focusing on his son's music. Amidst this, some took it as another string of white lies.

A user named CornishSpreek5b started a discussion about Aphex's son's music on Reddit. Some thought he was just faking things, whereas some believed it.

Someone saw Aphex play at Coachella in 2008. The user wrote that he saw a woman holding a baby which appeared like a mother, and a baby seeing a father do his thing.

Furthermore, Aphex and Rybina don't have a child together as of 2023. Any validated reports about their pregnancy haven't surfaced on the web so far.

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