Anderson .Paak Son Soul Rasheed And Wife Jae Lin

.Paak with Jae Lin and Soul attending the Grammy Awards
.Paak with Jae Lin and Soul attending the Grammy Awards( Source : instagram )

Anderson .Paak son Soul Rasheed and wife Jae Lin make a happy family. Anderson .Paak and Lin have a second child named Shine Paak as of 2017.

Born as Brandon Paak Anderson to parents Ronald Anderson and Brenda Bills on February 8, 1986, in Oxnard, California, the 37-year-old rapper is better known by his stage name which is his surname and middle name flipped.

Aside from rapping, he is also a producer and drummer. Paak has been active in the music industry since 2007.

As a solo artist, he has four studio albums. Apart from his solo stuff, Anderson is also a part of NxWorries with Knxwledge, and Silk Sonic with Bruno Mars.

Anderson .Paak Family

.Paak on his son Soul and meeting his in-laws in Korea ( Source : youtu )

Anderson .Paak family lives in Koreatown, Los Angeles. He raises two young children with his spouse.

He also bought a 5-bedroom house for his mom in 2019 in Las Vegas. Anderson shares a very close bond and relationship with his mother. His dad passed away in 2011.

The famous rapper is also very close to his spouse's family members. .Paak even visited South Korea to meet with his in-laws. 

Anderson .Paak Parents

Anderson .Paak parents are Ronald Anderson and Brenda Bills. Anderson is the second youngest among nine siblings.

His father and mother separated when he was only seven years old.

Ronald Anderson

Ronald was born on September 22, 1951, in Philadelphia. He started working as a 15-year-old boy at a Hardware shop in the North Philadelphia ghetto.

.Paak's dad attended the Ronald Gratz High School located in Germantown and was part of the gymnastics team.

One of eleven kids, Ronald had a twin brother named Donald. Some days when Ronald didn't feel like going to the job, Donald would gladly go in his stead, and the interesting part is that the owner never noticed.

The twins tried place-swapping multiple times. When Ronald got enlisted in the military in 1968 at just 17, his twin Donald even went to Korea in his stead as a military man.

Ronald met his wife Brenda Bills in 1982 at a nightclub in Oxnard, California. 

Brenda Bills

Anderson .Paak pictured with his mother in August 2022
Anderson .Paak pictured with his mother in August 2022( Source : instagram )

Anderson .Paak mom Brenda was sitting in the corner of the bar when Ronald approached her. Mesmerized, Ronald asked Brenda for a dance and she agreed.

From there, their relationship started. The couple shared a boy and a girl, with their boy being one of the most famous rappers in the world.

However, the two couldn't stay together for long as she suffered abuse and violence from Ronald as per ESPN.

Brenda married again to Dennis Willingham. Willingham grew up around musicians and introduced .Paak to drums.

Anderson's mother, however, married yet again and started a business with her new partner. But due to unethical practices, she had to serve some time in prison, leaving her young son vulnerable.

Anderson .Paak Wife

Anderson .Paak wife Jae Lin holds South Korean nationality. Jae Lin met .Paak for the first time when she was in college.

She is a graduate of the Musicians Institute of Hollywood and earned her bachelor's degree in Music Theory there.

.Paak And Lin Married Life

Paak and Lin first met at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood. Lin was attending the institute as a student while Anderson used to be a teacher.

Jae Lin with her two kids Soul and Shine
Jae Lin with her two kids Soul and Shine( Source : instagram )

Anderson was a student at the institution but due to the inability to pay his fees, he had to leave. Recognizing his talent in music, the institution kept him as a teaching assistant.

This decision would prove to be a huge one as thanks to it, he met his partner there. The couple hit it off at the institution and tied the knot back in 2011.

It's been more than a decade since their marriage and during this time. She has given birth to two amazing boys.

Anderson .Paak Children

Anderson .Paak children are Soul Rasheed and Shine Paak. They are currently nine and six years of age respectively.

Soul Rasheed Paak

Soul Rasheed is the eldest of the two. He was born in 2014.

Soul loves to jam to his dad's music and loves listening to other rappers.

Soul accompanied his dad when he traveled to Korea to meet his in-laws. We can see many pictures of his eldest son on Anderson's Instagram.

Shine Paak

Shine Paak was born in 2017. He is currently 6 years of age. 

Some FAQs

Who Is Anderson .Paak Wife?

Anderson .Paak wife is Jae Lin. They have been married since 2011.

How Many Kids Does Anderson .Paak Have?

Anderson .Paak has two kids, both sons. Their names are Soul Rasheed and Shine Paak.

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