Alicia Keys Brother Cole Cook Is An Entrepreneur

Cole and Alicia posing together back in January 30, 2023
Cole and Alicia posing together back in January 30, 2023( Source : twitter )

Who Is Alicia Keys Brother? Alicia Keys brother Cole Cook is a talent agent and entrepreneur. Cole is also the founder of Timeless Eye.

On the other hand, the famous Alicia Keys is a singer and songwriter born in Manhattan. She is known for her amazing voice, which has earned her the title of the Queen of R&B, and her piano skills.

The NYC native has released nine albums starting with her debut Songs in A Minor in 2021. Since then, she has seen immense success as she has sold over 90 million records globally.

Alicia and Cole are related as half-siblings. They share a father, Craig Cook.

Cole Is The Co-Founder of Timeless Eye

Originally from Los Angeles, Cole Cook is the co-founder of Timeless Eye. Timeless Eye is a creative agency.

Founded in 2016, it aims to bridge the gap between brands and customers through immersive digital storytelling. It works with many top brands such as Bally, Barcadi, Adidas, Soulcycle, Polaroid, Martini, Under Armour, and many more.

Timeless Eye also has had an Instagram account since September 2016 with around 3.8K followers.

Cole Is Also A Director and Photographer

Cole is a commercial video producer among other things. His roles involve director, photographer, and social media expert focusing on branded content.

He is an alumnus of Central Washington University. After the success of Timeless Eye, Cole also started working with his brother-in-law Swiss Beatz on recording projects and music production.

Though he is involved in many fields, he mostly makes money through his agency. He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Cole Is 32 Years Old

Cole Cook on his 30th birthday with his nephews
Cole Cook on his 30th birthday with his nephews( Source : instagram )

Born on March 24, 1991, Cole is 32 years old. Alicia is ten years older than Cole.

He looks up to his older sibling and has mentioned several times that she is his hero and role model.

On March 25, 2021, Cole shared a picture with his nephews Egypt and Genesis and their dog and captioned it spending family time with laughter and joy sounds like a perfect start.

Alicia and Cole Share Same Father But Different Mothers

Alicia and Cole Share Same Father But Different Mothers. Alicia was two years old when her father Craig Cook left her mom.

Later, Craig married Susan and gave birth to their son Cole. The father and daughter do not get along.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Alicia said that she is not and does not want to reconnect with him.

Alicia said that her mom supported her enormously and she owes her success to her mother, as per the news of Amo Mama.

Cole Is Close With His Sister and Nephew

A childhood picture of Cole and Alicia
A childhood picture of Cole and Alicia( Source : instagram )

Alicia Keys sibling shares an amazing bond with his nephews. Cole loves to spend quality time with his family.

Cole often uploads tons of pictures with his sister on his Instagram. On January 26, Cole uploaded his childhood picture with Alicia and gave her best wishes for her birthday.

Cole taking a selfie with his nephews
Cole taking a selfie with his nephews( Source : instagram )

On December 22, 2019, Cole said that one of his dreams was to make a music video with his sister and his dreams came true. Not only her but Cole loves his nephews a lot too.

He cherishes every moment spent with them and expresses his love in captions whenever he uploads a picture with them on social media.

Some FAQs

Who Are Cole Cook Parents?

Cole Cook was born to Craig and Susan Cook. Craig previously was in a relationship with Teresa Augello which resulted in Alicia Keys' birth.

Who Is Alicia Keys Brother?

Alicia Keys has a half-brother named Cole Cook. Cole is the son of Alicia's estranged father Craig Cook.

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