4pf Merch: A Look Inside Lil Baby Merchandise

Lil Baby at the office of his label 4PF
Lil Baby at the office of his label 4PF( Source : instagram )

4PF merch is rapper Lil Baby's official merchandise line and record label. Lil Baby is a popular rapper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Born on December 3, 1994, as Dominique Armani Jones, Baby started gaining prominence in the mid-2010s alongside a host of trap artists like Gunna. Baby was part of a new wave of Atlanta-based rappers who were known for singing opulent rhymes with voices drenched in autotune.

Though many saw Baby as just another Trap rapper, he started to diversify his sound through the late 2010s and became known for holding his own in a series of strong features. 

Through the release of his protest single The Bigger Picture during the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, Baby became the voice of a generation, and has since solidified himself as one of the hottest rappers today.

Lil Baby Merch

Lil Baby merch ranges from vinyl copies of his albums, CDs, and articles of clothing. The merchandise can be signed or unsigned.

The rapper is currently selling merch for both his current album and last album. The current album merch is part of the Wham! collection, while the last album's merch is named after the album itself.

The Wham! Collection

Hoodies and Sweatshirts from Lil Baby's Wham! collections featuring Black, White, Acid Black and Purple colors
Hoodies and Sweatshirts from Lil Baby's Wham! collections featuring Black, White, Acid Black and Purple colors( Source : iamlilbaby )

Lil Baby's Wham! Collection is a series of hoodies and sweatpants in three designs. They each feature a bust of the rapper and his new album's title.

The designs are:

  • Acid Black Wham! - $50/each
  • Acid Purple Wham! - $50/each
  • Black Wham! - $50/each
  • Wham! - $50/each

My Turn Collection

T-Shirts, Dickies Shirts and Pants from Lil Baby's merch for his previous album, My Turn
T-Shirts, Dickies Shirts and Pants from Lil Baby's merch for his previous album, My Turn( Source : iamlilbaby )

The My Turn Collection is from the rapper's last album of the same name. The collection features the following items:

  • Black Deluxe Tee - $30
  • White Deluxe Tee - $30
  • Navy Deluxe Tee - $30
  • Dickies Shirt + Pant Set - $175
  • Dickies Shirt - $100
  • Dickies Pants - $100

Vinyls And CD

Lastly, the rapper is selling Vinyl and CD copies of his most recent and last albums. The prices are:

It's Only Me

Vinyl and CDs from Lil Baby's recent album It's Only Me
Vinyl and CDs from Lil Baby's recent album It's Only Me( Source : iamlilbaby )

  • Normal 2LP - $32.99
  • Exclusive 2LP - $36.99
  • Poster - $20
  • Signed CD - $9.99
  • Standard CD - $9.99
  • Digital Album - $9.99

My Turn

Vinyl and CDs from Lil Baby's previous album My Turn
Vinyl and CDs from Lil Baby's previous album My Turn( Source : iamlilbaby )

  • CD - $12
  • Digital Album - $10.99
  • Deluxe Digital Album - $14.99
  • Deluxe 2CD - $13.98
  • Deluxe Poster - $15

Where To Buy Lil Baby Merchandise?

Lil Baby merchandise can be bought on the rapper's official website. The rapper sells both clothing and his albums on the website.

Currently, the rapper has modeled his website to have the same theme as the album art of his most recent album, It's Only Me. The album art features four faces of the rapper on clouds overlooking a valley where a drawing of Lil baby is sitting in the foreground on a stone.

Lil Baby's website's home screen is the album cover for his most recent album, It's Only Me
Lil Baby's website's home screen is the album cover for his most recent album, It's Only Me( Source : iamlilbaby )

The four faces showcase the rapper from right to left as first a child, then a teenager, then as he was when he first appeared in the game, and finally as he is now. The faces are modeled after the Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, which features the busts of four former presidents:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Abraham Lincoln

What Does 4PF Mean Lil Baby?

By 4PF Lil Baby means 4 pockets full which is a slang term. Lil Baby is credited with coining and further elaborating on the term.

According to Urban Dictionary, 4PF or 4 pockets full means that all 4 pockets, the two in the front and the two in the back, are filled with cash. This signifies that the person using the term has a lot of money.

Lil Baby explaining the meaning of 4PF: 4 Pockets Full of Cash! ( Source : youtube )

Baby has been using the term throughout his career, and has endeared himself to it so much that not only is the term a part of his official Twitter and YouTube profiles, but the rapper has also made an entire label that is called 4PF.

Due to both Baby and the term's popularity, many rappers have started using the term. Most of them are also from Atlanta like Gunna and the Migos's Offset.

4PF logo consists of the number and the two letters pressed against each other. Though there are variations, they all look similar.

The most popular version of the logo has the number 4 off to the left side and is larger than the P and F. The middle dash of the 4 then extends to the other side and separates the P and the F.

The official logo for 4PF per their Facebook profile picture
The official logo for 4PF per their Facebook profile picture( Source : facebook )

The two letters are then on top and bottom of the 4's middle dash, with the P on top and the F on the bottom. The two letters are usually not even half the size of the 4 and don't reach either edge of the number.

However, there are some slight variations of the logo where the top of the P and the bottom of the F are both parallel to the 4's top and bottom or even exceed it, but not for the official logo.

Who Are 4PF Members?

4PF is not only Lil Baby's merchandise but also his record label. The label was formed in 2017, right as Baby started gaining mainstream recognition.

According to the website, Lyrics.Lol, the current members of the 4PF label, aside from Lil Baby are:

  • 42 Dugg
  • Rylo Rodriguez
  • G Five
  • Dirty Tay
  • Lil Kee
  • 8LilSlime
  • CED
  • Coldheartedsavage
  • Savage Nunk

42 Dugg

42 Dugg is the stage name of Dion Marquise Hayes. Dugg is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. 

Coldheartedsavage - Paranoid ft Anti Da Menace & Dirty Tay (Official Video) ( Source : youtube )

Dugg is around the same age as Baby and came into the game two years after the rapper. Meeting Baby around the same time, Dugg quickly became one of the first signees to 4PF and is currently also signed to Yo Gotti, his other idol's label, Collective Music Group.

Rylo Rodriguez

Rylo Rodriguez is a rapper from Alabama and a frequent collaborator of Lil Baby. Like Dugg, Rylo is inspired by the Atlanta rapper.

G 5ABY - WHERE IT GO(Official Video) (Kreekwood II) ( Source : youtube )

Another similarity that Rylo has with Dugg is that he is also signed to two labels. Alongside 4PF, Rylo is also signed to Virgin Music and currently operates under both labels. However, his debut album G.I.H.F. came out under 4PF.

G Five

G Five is an Atlanta rapper who has been called Lil Baby's shooter. The rapper has been making music since 2018.

Lil Kee - Catch A Murder (Official Music Video) @shotbywolf2443 🐺 ( Source : youtube )

Also known as G 5aby, in a clear show of respect to his label head, the rapper is managed by June Jonez. The rapper may not be mainstream but he has over 77.4K followers on Instagram and over 13.2K subscribers on YouTube.

Dirty Tay

Dirty Tay is the stage name of rapper Kentavious Wright. Dirty Tay is also an Atlanta-based rapper.

8LILSLIME - VVS (Official Video) ( Source : youtube )

Sadly, Tay came into prominence due to being booked for a murder charge back in August 2022. The rapper has since gotten out as of late February and is celebrating the success he gained while locked up as the rapper's Instagram surpassed 200K due to his case.

Lil Kee

Lil Kee is a 24-year-old rapper from Alabama. Kee is also known as Payroll Mar.

Lil Baby Buys His Homie CED A Chrysler 300 Hellcat ( Source : youtube )

Kee started making music in 2019, and since then has become popular through his single Sacrifice, which has since amassed over 4.4 million views on YouTube.


8lilslime or simply Slime is an underground artist from Philadelphia. Slime used to initially go by Lil Nas before he changed it.

Lil Baby, Rylo Rodriguez - Forget That ( Source : youtube )

Slime has been in the public eye since early 2020 and initially gained fame for being an independent rapper. However, he has since linked up with Lil Baby's label.


CED is an underground rapper from Tallulah, Louisiana. The rapper has been active since 2017.

Lil Baby x 42 Dugg - We Paid (Official Video) ( Source : youtube )

Known locally as Ced Bass, the rapper is also a joint signee with Stat Club Records, which is a local music label. CED released his most recent song, Higher on February 11, 2022.


Coldheartedsavage is another signee of 4PF records. The rapper proudly displays his label on his Instagram bio.

Savagenunk - Strange To Me ( Source : youtube )

With over 172K followers on the platform, Coldheartedsavage is definitely popular but has yet to break into the mainstream. However, he is gaining traction and is next up.

Savage Nunk

Savage Nunk is an affiliate of Dirty Tay and a recent signee to the 4PF record label. The rapper has only recently started gaining recognition.

Dirty Tay- 20 Thousand ft Big Scarr (Official Video) ( Source : youtube )

The stone-faced rapper is known for his hard bars about the streets and is similar to his label head in that way. Savage has been seen with Baby since August 2022 and made his affiliations public the following month.

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