20 Bands That Broke Up In The 2000s

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Bands That Broke Up In The 2000s are 1. Oasis 2. The Verve 3. Destiny's Child and others. The era has witnessed the disbandment of several groups.

The 2000s was an amazing period for music where a diverse range of talent and innovation were formed. Yet, it was also a bittersweet era to experience the separation of many iconic bands.

Some groups decided to break up in a peaceful and friendly way in order to explore their own individual styles in the world of music while others may have faced various ups and downs. These problems and issues are enough for the band's break up.

Additionally, the year was both filled with musical brilliance and sad goodbyes from several bands. However, they have inspired a new generation of musicians and have left an unforgettable mark in the musical industry.

Below, we have compiled twenty artists who disbanded in the 2000s decades:

Bands That Broke Up In The 2000s

Name of BandsYears active
The Verve1990–1995 1996–1999 2007–2009
Destiny's Child1990–2006
Million Dead2000–2005
The Rakes2003–2009
The Rascals2007–2009
After Forever1995–2009
Death1984–1996 1998–2001
Jack Off Jill1992–2000
Strapping Young Lad1994–1998 2002–2007
The Blood Brothers1997–2007
Cream1966–1968, 1993, 2005
The Police1977–1986 1992 2003 2007–2008
The Everly Brothers1951–1973, 1983–2005
Drain STH1993–2000

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1. Oasis

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Oasis is a top band that broke up in 2009 due to continued quarreling between the Gallagher brothers. They were one of many finest rock bands.

During the Rock en Seine festival, Noel's heated confrontation with his younger brother Liam backstage splintered the group. The strained relationship between the siblings led to the group's separation.

After their separation fans were devastated and have pleaded for a reunion ever since.

2. The Verve

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The Verve is a great band that is no longer together. They have broken up two times in the '90s and finally separated in 2007.

They parted ways for the third time in the band's nineteen-year tenure. The reason was conflicts between band members, especially between the lead singer, Richard Ashcroft and other bandmates.

Both the personal and creative disputes resulted in the group's disbandment.

3. Destiny's Child

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One of the best-selling girl groups Destiny's Child parted ways in 2005. After the release of their fifteenth album, they split up.

They ended their fourteen years of careers because of internal conflict and disagreements in management including contracts, financial matters, and control.

Eventually, the best girl band from the 90s decided to end things, in order to facilitate their solo careers.

4. Million Dead

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Million Dead is a post-hardcore band who were active for five years. They were formed in 2000.

In September 2005, they announced their disbandment through the group's website. The creative disparities created tension within the group, making it challenging to continue the team.

They ended the band after their forthcoming UK tour following their second album "Harmony No Harmony".

5. The Rakes

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The Rakes is a post-punk band that split up after six years. They ended things in 2009, canceling a US and UK tour.

The band has always been very adamant and proud of the fact that "we give 100 percent to every gig we've ever played". After a significant drop in sales for subsequent albums, the band decided to call it a day in the late 2000s.

6. The Rascals

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The Rascals were an English rock band hailing from Hoylake, Merseyside. They were often noted as 'The Young Rascals' in their early years.

After the release of their 2008 debut album "Rascalized", it was announced that the frontman of the band, Miles Kane had to leave the band in order to focus on his solo career, resulting in the band's hiatus in 2009.

7. Audioslave

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Audioslave is a rock band that split up in 2007 after struggling with various difficulties in their journey. They were established in 2001.

In their six years of partnership, they have released three albums having sold more than eight million records worldwide.

After the group's frontman, Chris Cornell decided to leave the band, they decided to separate as he wanted to continue his career as a solo artist.

8. After Forever

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After Forever was a symphonic metal band known for its strong progressive metal influences. It performs both soprano vocals and death growls.

In February 2009, the group announced their hiatus because of a mix of reasons. One major factor was the members did not feel any passion for the band any longer.

Due to its creative differences and other challenges, the group split up and continued their work as solo artists.

9. Bathory

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Bathory was a Swedish black metal band known for their metal-style music. They are regarded as the pioneers of black metals.

After the death of the group's frontman, founder, and songwriter, Tomas "Quorthon" Forsberg the band ended up as he was only sole constant member who was responsible for all instruments.

10. Death

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Death was a death metal band from Florida, noted as the pioneer of the death metal genre. They have constant lineup changes in the course of their career.

The band disbanded following the death of their guitarist and vocalist, Chuck Schuldiner in 2001. He passed away due to glioma and pneumonia, however, he will remain an enduring influence on heavy metal.

11. Jack Off Jill

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Jack Off Jill is an alternative band that is no longer together. They have gone through many changes in lineups during their existence.

The significant reason is the internal conflict between the group members Jessicka and Robin Moulder as Robin did not feel like getting credit for his work. Their internal issue led the band to end in 2000.

12. Strapping Young Lad

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Strapping Young Lad is a prominent Canadian band who split up in the 2000s. The breakup was influenced by many factors.

The creative difference played a significant role in disbandment. The group's leader Devon Townsend's creative aspirations started to outgrow the confines of the band's music, which ultimately became the decision to part ways.

Additionally, Townsend had been facing problems with his mental health issues which was also the reason for their disbandment.

13. The Blood Brothers

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The Blood Brothers was a post-hardcore band that has to split up in the 2000s decade. The main reason for its disbandment was creative differences.

The group's musical style was evolving and changing during the time of its existence. Some members wanted to try the new direction which created issues in how they wanted to form a tuning together.

Similarly, the busy schedule of the group also played a vital role in their separation.

14. Outkast

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Outkast is noted as a rap group of all time, that ended things in 2007. They have been on an extended hiatus since the mid-2000s.

Both the members had different goals in their life which played a big part in their break up.

Andre 300 was influenced more by fashion and acting while Big Boi was starting his family, which made it impossible to continue the group's legacy as they weren't on the same page.

15. Cream

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Cream is a popular rock band that broke up in the mid-2000s. The supergroup was regarded for the instrumental proficiency of each member.

The major factor for its separation is the creative problems and conflicts among its members. The issues between Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker led the band to part ways.

Their clash in musical preferences created a difficult working environment and they quit eventually after the two shows in the UK and US tour in 2005.

16. The Police

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The Police are the greatest band that are no longer together. They were one of the world's highest-earning musicians in the late 2000s.

The tensions between the group's frontman Sting and percussion Stewart Copeland are blamed for their hiatus. Their last performance on stage was at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

After their 30th-anniversary reunion tour, the band split up in 2007.

17. The Everly Brothers

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Everly Brothers are the legendary rock and country music duo of the early 50s. They split up primarily due to their strained relationship.

Despite their successful musical career, both the brothers have faced several conflicts including personal conflicts and creative differences. During a concert in California, Don abruptly ended his performance, leading to the decision to end things.

18. Zwan

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Zwan is the 2000s band that broke up due to a variety of issues faced by the group. They were an alternative rock supergroup that originated in 2001.

The main factor for the group's disbandment was the internal conflicts between band members. Billy Corgan, the lead singer, announced the group's break up in 2003, due to the clashing personalities among members.

19. Windir

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Windir is a black metal band noted for their fusion of metal and folk elements. Most of the songs composed by the group were penned in Sognamal.

The group split in 2004 following the death of the lead singer, Valfar. He died of hypothermia which was caused by a snowstorm while hiking with his family.

20. Drain STH

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Drain STH is a hard band, known for their alternative metal and grunge sound. The group underwent various changes in music and image during their existence.

The group parted ways in 2000 because of the challenges they faced within the musical industry. Despite their talent, they struggle with problems like limited mainstream success and changes in musical themes at the time of their existence.

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